My 14 Favorite YouTube Channels

  1. Alex Dainis
    War stories from a science grad student.
  2. Armored Skeptic
    Skeptic vs religion and political correctness.
  3. Beyond the Trailer
    Movie news for both professionals and fans.
  4. Chez Lindsay
    In-depth film and character analysis.
  5. CinemaSins
    "Everything Wrong With..." every movie you've ever loved.
  6. Extra Credits
    Game design and history educators.
  7. Idea Channel
    All about over-thinking everything ever.
  8. Jill Bearup
    Jill talks about "stuff you like". Movies, books, TV shows and other bits of fiction.
  9. Jim Sterling
    Video game and video game industry critic.
  10. kaptainkristian
    Video essays on the nature of media.
  11. Midnight's Edge
    In-depth coverage of Hollywood's creative mistakes and scandals.
  12. Rebecca Watson
    Pro-science and feminist blogger.
  13. The Rageaholic
    Video game and music reviewer.
  14. Vi Hart
    Gonzo math educator.