My Conjectural DC Comics Reboot

These Powers are listed in the order they appear on the world stage or become active. Note that I'm stealing from other licenses that DC has published comics for.
    These were the world's first crime fighters, adventurers, and vigilantes.
  2. Wonder Woman
    Probably the first superhero. She fought in World War 1 and countered the various advanced weapons developed by the German army. She was never reported that she was killed or missing in action, but she disappeared just as the armistice was signed.
  3. The Octopus
    A scientist-turned-criminal mastermind. Died while fighting his nemesis...
  4. The Spirit
    Central City's crimefighter.
  5. Gorilla Grodd
    A serial bank robber. Thought to be a myth by some, and an elaborate decoy by law enforcement, this genius gorilla faded into obscurity without ever being captured or positively identified.
  6. Oswald Cobblepot, The Penquin
    Gotham City's first "freak" crime boss. Managed to keep his own hands clean and even owned a few of Gotham's best nightspots.
  7. Solomon Grundy
    Thought to be a tall tale at the time, he turned out to be a functionally immortal thug for hire. Still alive.
  8. Star Girl
    Her existence was never confirmed. Most stories about her include alien spies, doomsday scenarios, and other sci-fi plots.
    These Powers entered the picture late last century. Most have died, disappeared, or retired.
  10. The Flash
    One of the first confirmed metahuman heroes.
  11. The Watchmen
    The world's first super-team.
  12. Black Lightning
    Active in the late 60s to early 80s.
  13. The Jokerz
    This network of gangs has created a "new normal" of violent crime. Most police agencies posit that they are the primary reason crime hasn't vanished in a world of "superheroes".
  14. Lex Luthor
    Entered the scene late in the Silver Age. The public sees him as just a really rich CEO, but other Powers know he's involved with the increase in disruptive technology and weapons.
  15. Hernan Guerra, the Superman
    The most powerful man in the world appears when people need him most, then disappears. Governments have searched for him for years and turned up nothing.
  16. Teth-Adam, King of Kahndaq
    Ruler of a small but stable Arab nation.
  17. The Green Lanterns
    In this universe, the Green Lanterns are a division of the Secret Service. All are issues a Power Ring of unknown origin. They wouldn't be nearly as powerful as in other realities, but there's seven of them: Agents Scott, Jordan, Stuart, Gardner, Rayner, Baz, and Cruz.
  18. Brainiac
  19. Entrantress
  20. Kenan Kong, aka The Red Son
    China was the first nation outside of the US to have a state sponsored metahuman. He is a devout communist. So much so that the Party has little control over him. He is devoted to the workers over all others. Currently active.
  21. Deathstroke
    Entered the world stage this century. All are active.
  23. The Directive
    The US's secret intelligence program. Focuses on psychic metahumans, both as agents and threats.
  24. Project Cadmus
    A government superhuman lab posing as an energy reasearch think tank.
  25. Poison Ivy
    Founder of Project Cadmus, an experiment meant to make her a metahuman went wrong. She got the powers, but altered her mind to see humans as the enemy.
  26. Task Force X
    America's suicide squad. Made up of mostly metahuman criminals. Started by the Directive but transfered directly to the Pentagon at the behest of Defense Secretary Amanda Waller.
  27. The Green Arrow
    A anti-corporate eco-terrorist. Operates mostly in Europe.
  28. Global Frequency
    The closest thing there is to a Justice League is a network of agents belonging to this semi-government outfit.
  29. Zatanna
    No real magic. All high-tech, miniaturized stage magic. Like the Four Horsemen from Now You See Me.
  30. Mitchell Hundred
    Mayor of New York.
  31. Diana Prince
    Field commander of the European Union's counter-terrorist unit. No magic origin. She's a super soldier, basically the Bionic Woman turned up to 11.
  32. Midnighter and Apollo
  33. SuperWoman
    Unrelated and unaffiliated with Hernan Guerra.
  34. Ben Tennyson
    Yup. Grown up Ben 10 should be in the DC universe.
  35. Arthur Curry
    An environmental scientist and super powered TEDster.
  36. The Fixer
    Detroit's caped crusader.
  37. The Robins
    A guardian gang operating in Gotham. Equipped with high-tech gadgets that put the cops to shame. They're mission: stop the Jokerz.
  38. Killer Croc
  39. Clayface
  40. Priscilla Rich
    An unwilling genetic test subject turned criminal-for-hire.
  41. The Power Company
    Josiah Power's metahuman security firm is on EVERYONE'S shitlist. The government is scared this could become a trend. And the activists see them as Blackwater with superpowers.
  42. Dr. Leo Quantum
  43. Slipknot
    A skilled assassin with dozens of high-value kills under his belt and the only person to ever escape Task Force X.
  44. Jack Hawksmoore
  45. Leslie Willis, aka Livewire
    A former radio host/conspiracy theorists turned vengeful "cape hunter".
  46. Cassie Holmes
    According to Directive, she's the most dangerous metahuman on the planet. She knows things. Like what happened to Wonder Woman and The Spirit, where the Lanterns got their rings, and the future of one particular member of The Robins.