My Ever-Growing Basket of Deplorables: Part 3

  1. Andrew Puzder
    This jackass opposes any wage hikes. As far as he's concerned, poor people should be just be thankful they have a job at all. He wants to heavily automate Hardee's and Carl's Jr. to get rid of people altogether.
  2. Sean Spicer
    In his very first press conference, he tried to intimidate the press into reporting that the inauguration crowd was WAY bigger than it really was. It's apparent that he doesn't intend to take many questions. He's there to tell the press what to write. That's it.
  3. Kellyanne Conway
    She actually used the phrase "alternative facts" when trying to explain the disparity between Trump's and the media's inauguration turnout numbers.
  4. Ken Meolis
    Now that the masses are wise to just how much more executives make compared to their underlings, his answer is to bring non-owner exec pay down, but not for those shareholders. Basically, he wants the Elite class to throw the Executive class under the bus to become the 0.0001%.
  5. Steve Bannon
    This fucker will ensure that Trump doesn't relent at all. His "darkness is good" philosophy will not only make the administration completely immovable, it's likely to make ever conflict we're in worse. His whole job is to get Trump re-elected in four years. This makes him the Dems' real enemy.
  6. Marsha Blackburn
    This Tennessee representative did not, could not even address Jake Tapper's question about Spicer's bullshit turnout numbers. She just wants to get GOP policies enacted, regardless of the consequences.
  7. Boris Johnson
    This ass-hat continued the populism trend by leading the Brexit movement. Thing is, he didn't actually think they'd win. He lead Great Britain over the cliff, then sort of bailed on the movement.