My Favorite Mad Science Inventions

  1. Oscillation Overthruster - The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
    It basically allows for dimensional travel.
  2. Proton Pack - Ghostbusters
    Don't worry. It's only an (unlicensed) nuclear accelerator. On your back.
  3. PKE Meter - Ghostbusters
  4. The DeLorean - Back to the Future
  5. Faraday Mesh Implants - Fringe
    Cybernetic time machine.
  6. Walter's Various Methods of Interrogating the Dead - Fringe
    Walter has at least three ways to get answers from dead people.
  7. K-9000 Infrasonic Pulse Rifle - Archer
    Weaponized "Brown Note".
  8. Rick's Butter-Passing Robot - Rick & Morty
  9. Rick's Watch That Turns People Into Snakes - Rick & Morty
    Seriously, it turns people into snakes.
  10. Beard-a-Tron - Dexter's Laboratory
    It makes beards.