My Personal Basket of Deplorables: Part 2

  1. Frank Fahrenkopf and Mike McCurry
    If you're angry that Jill Stein and Gary Johnson weren't in the debates, blame these two asshats.
  2. Jeffrey Lord
    Lord defended Trump from the get-go. He was completely unmoved by stories of Muslim women being punched in the face and Mexican children crying their eyes out.
  3. Rince Prebus
    He brought about the conditions for Donald Trump's candidacy. The GOP's win-at-all-cost philosophy makes them immune to things like facts.
  4. Steve Jobs
    I know he's dead, but his bullshit legacy lives on. If you use a Mac or iPhone, you've been duped. Jobs' real magic trick was convincing people to willfully imprison themselves in his Walled Garden.
  5. Vladimir Putin
    This asshole is trying to destabilize the world by supporting nationalist movements everywhere.
  6. Donald Trump
    He's perpetrating the biggest bait-and-switch in history. He said he'd throw out corrupt politicians, but he's just replacing them with people far worse.
  7. Betsy DeVos
    She doesn't believe in evolution, and will undermine public schooling.
  8. Richard Spencer
    He's a Nazi.