I would love to see a TV show based on this family of board games.
  1. Faith meets Archer
    The crew members are the best of the best. And complete assholes. Their relationships are more like those on Farscape than Star Trek. They detest authority and even the Captain wants to just go rogue.
  2. Olivia Munn as The Captain
    The crew's fearless leader is hyper-competent but cannot relate to other people. She secretly wants to completely automate the ship and fix the galaxy herself.
  3. Charlie Day as the Chief Engineer
    Genius, but lazy.
  4. Aisha Tyler as the Helmsman
    The normal one. She joined the Space Patrol to fight for truth, justice, and the Galactic Alliance way.
  5. Jeremy Strong as the Sensor Officer
    The hardest working officer on the ship. And the angriest.
  6. Lucien Laviscount as the Weapons Officer
    Diplomacy just means letting the other side shoot first. F___ that!
  7. Abigail Breslin as the Science Officer
    She's the smartest person on the ship and has no compunction about reminding everyone of the fact.
  8. The Nemesis
    This unbeatable mega-ship is the ongoing Big Bad of the show.
  9. Space is Deadly
    So deadly it's comical. Main characters die all the time. Expect at least one or two main cast members to leave the show every season.
  10. Space is Boring
    Because there's nothing to do between brief stints of danger, and the fact that they are NEVER given diplomatic missions, everyone is sleeping with everyone else.
    These components cam be altered to fit comparable games.
  12. The Captain Is Dead
    Here's the premise. A stereotypical Star Trek-ish mission goes horribly wrong and the Captain, played by Sean Bean, bites it in the first episode. The rest of the season is spent trying to get home without a hyperdrive, or a captain.
  13. Space Alert
    Underpaid and expendable space surveyors schlep into uncharted territories and ponder the meaning of existence as more of them die and their clones are revived.
  14. More to come...