My Vices

  1. The News
    It's not uncommon for me to watch CNN while I read news from everywhere else.
  2. Tabletop Games
    Obvi. This includes 1d4Chan.
  3. Hating The Man
    Trump isn't THAT much of an outlier. He's just a typical rich asshole who cut out the middleman. A lot of rich bastards, especially those born rich, are just as monstrous.
  4. Hating Big Banks
    They're the reason capitalism is broken. The whole point is accruing money, not actually producing anything. Otherwise it would be called Productionism.
  5. YouTube Explainers
    I want to know just enough to be dangerous about every subject ever conceived.
  6. Star Wars
    I am not a filthy casual.
  7. Mad Science Fiction
    Fringe, Rick & Morty, Victor Frankenstein, Better Off Ted, Krieger from Archer, etc.
  8. The Absurd, the Insane, and the Gonzo
    The only things I find interesting are the truly strange.
  9. I can read it for hours.
  10. Not Working in an Office
    I'd rather make half as much working remotely than wake up before noon.