Shakespeare Games to Play After You Watch "Will" 🎭

Which is gonna be godlike.
  1. Shakespeare
    Worker placement game of play production.
  2. Kill Shakespeare
    Risk meets every revolution story ever. Set in the Kill Shakespeare graphic novel.
  3. Council of Verona (2nd Edition)
    A political deception game that remixes the plot of Romeo + Juliet.
  4. The Play's The Thing
    A sorta meta roleplaying game. Players are off-script actors trying to change Shakespeare mid-play.
  5. Hamlet's Hit Points
    Not a game, but a toolkit for role-playing gamers to help in story construction.
  6. Histrio
    Anthropomorphic animal acting troupes compete to be the best theater company in the kingdom.
  7. Bring Your Own Book
    You could use any book, really. But if you've ever wanted an excuse to show off your knowledge The Tempest, just limit the game to Shakespeare.