Tabletop Games for Anyone Who's Managed Musicians 🎼🎡🎢

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    Rockband Manager
    It's an auction game. Players bid to secure the best venues, gigs, and contracts.
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    The Lords of Rock
    Why be mortal when you can be a literal rock GOD? Pantheons battle for worship from mortal fans at GODLIKE venues like The Grand Canyon and Stonehenge.
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    Band Manager: Backstage Clash
    This one is from the angle of garage bands paying their dues. There's a cooperative mechanic, so while you're all in the same boat, only one band will win. The board is a t-shirt. Due out later this year.
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    An app-driven DJ card game. It's more of a musical toy that auto-mixes songs, but there is a dexterity element. Other than that, I have no idea how the actual game works. Due out in the Fall.
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    Chops: the Rock and Roll Board Game
    Similar to Rockband Manager. This one might be stuck in development hell.
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    Maestro: Ensemble & Symphony
    Players build up their orchestras in order to properly play music pieces. Only Available in Europe, unless you don't mind the price of international shipping. Reviews are mixed.
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    Shenanigans: The Musical
    A hidden role game. The orchestra must find and oust the "artiste". This might only be available on BGG's marketplace.
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    The Opulent
    Run a prohibition era speakeasy without going broke or to jail. It's a co-op game made up of minigames representing the bar, the dancefloor, the door guy, and the manager station.
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