Tabletop Games for Shameless Lushes 🍸🍺🍷

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    Suddenly Drunk
    A universal add-on that turns most other games into drinking games. Inadvertently suggested by @cvlop61 .
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    Drunk Quest
    A lightweight monster-fighting card game. You fight them by taking drinks. Not to be confused with Drinking Quest, which is a role playing game.
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    Drinking Fluxx
    Fluxx is a chaotic game as it is. Now add booze. Good luck.
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    Drinkagon - Strategic Drinking Game
    An abstract strategy/drinking game.
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    Drink-O-Tron: The Drinking Game of Kings
    Each card is a simple (sometimes classic, or sometimes all new) drinking game or challenge. If you win the challenge, you score the points on the card.
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    Spirit: Origin
    Magic: the Gathering meets alcohol. This didn't meet its Kickstarter goal, but it's due for another go later this year.
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    Iron & Ale
    An in-character drinking game. Players are dwarves who mine, arm wrestle, and drink their way to glory.
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    Brew Ha Ha!
    Apples-to-Apples but with beer.
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    Read Between the Wines
    Apples-to-Apples but with wine.
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    Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge
    Players are voodoo spirits haunting a trendy party to build the coolest clique and become the hippest cat in the netherworld. Power cards include drink recipes. It's not a drinking game, but drinking usually happens.
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    A winery simulator.
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    Another winery simulator.
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    Brew Crafters
    A brewery simulator.
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    Brew Crafters: the Card Game
    Same as above, but quicker.
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    Dragon Brew
    Same as Brew Crafters, but in a fantasy setting.
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