That Time I Tried to Save America From Big Coal and Big Oil

... in The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire
  1. As a wise fictional character once said, "The United States was built on 'Fuck You'", and it's been saying that to the rest of the world since the Declaration of Independence was signed. So my Fuck You resolution was fitting: free market capitalism is a scam and only an enlightened​ technocracy could save our nation!
  2. Like all governments, I would only go as far as the Treasury would take me, so I go to work filling the coffers...
  3. ... then get my greedy hands on some oil. At this point, Oil was cheap enough to import instead of mucking up my own back yard.
  4. While I was at it, I continued the U.S.'s tradition of draining the brain power of the rest of the world by converting cash to Science. H1B visas all around!
  5. But I hadn't gotten around to building any power plants, so when I needed power, I had to burn the oil in my stockpiles. That's never a clean energy option.
  6. But clean energy is never a cheap option, particularly in the beginning. Building Wind and Solar plants takes more resources than others, but it helps slow the inevitable pollution onslaught.
  7. But I still needed cash to power this energy machine.
  8. (This is an illegal move. Not sure what I was doing here.)
  9. But the world was changing, and we were reaching for the stars. Science, mutha fucka! There's no way Americans will EVER not be inspired by space exploration!
  10. But the hunt for cash continues. Banking is a sin, but a necessary one.
  11. And I needed these lazy fucks to get to work! Unfortunately training workers creates pollution, mainly because when you pay people more, their footprint grows.
  12. But more workers equals more science, which never has a downside. Except for a little radiation sometimes.
  13. But science marches on.
  14. As does high finance.
  15. Which brings us to the part of Energy Empire nationalists hate. To beat the game, you have to hand over your hard-won oil and cash to the UN. Because who needs world peace?
  16. General development continued...
  17. ...until, finally, I dragged this country, kicking and screaming, into the modern world. Because productivity is the end-all-be-all of human existence.
  18. But having only one Power Plant halfway through the game wasn't a good thing. I had to get some power, quick. And though I hated to do it, I had to sacrifice some forest. Luckily Industrialization made Steel more available, so it might have been worth the trade-off.
  19. But the cash! I needed more! Always more.
  20. Dann you, United Nations!
  21. And then I hit the wall. It was all downhill from there. Pollution was getting out of control and I hadn't set up enough infrastructure to handle it.
  22. And I was behind on points too. I guess Victory Points are suppose to abstract public approval, and citizens love Space Programs. Makes their dicks hard.
  23. After that, I launched into a frenzy of pollution Clean-Up...
  24. ...and managed to get my environment under control.
  25. I desperately nabbed anything that would generate Victory Points. Ever if it helped poor people! I wasn't proud.
  26. But the world continued to crumble, and those structures were getting more and more expensive.
  27. As the end drew nigh, It was imperative to leave nothing on the field. I practically drained my oil reserves, making polluting my own environment all but certain.
  28. Plastic...
  29. ...more power plants...
  30. and points...
  31. ...a National Park to get the hippies off my back...
  32. final clean-up effort...
  33. ...and one last push to appease the UN.
  34. This was Last Call. The final warning. Only one more Work turn to get as much done as possible. Because once international diplomacy broke down, environmental sustainability would be the last thing on anyone's mind.
  35. I lunged for one last institution of a solid society: an informed public! Maybe some kind of fictional karma would save me.
  36. After that, all I could do crank everything up in one mad dash for points and money. Not that the money was going to do me any good. Still, I couldn't hurt. Might as well squeeze the little people one last time.
  37. But it was all pointless. Despite my efforts, my score totaled up to 85 points, and I needed at least 100. Not sure what that means. Maybe my America dissolved into 50 warring states. Maybe I wasn't re-elected. In any case, it was time to try my hand at a new endeavor. But that's another story.