The Perfect Game Night Game Collection

  1. Survive : Escape from Atlantis
    Get your tribe off the island before the volcano blows up.
  2. Pandemic
    Basically the unofficial Contagion game. Players treat disease hotspots while curing four plagues before they get out of hand.
  3. Unlock!
    An escape game just about everyone likes. A card-based puzzle game that includes a companion app that gives clues, check codes, monitor time remaining.
  4. Tokaido
    A game of winning by having the most pleasant time.
  5. Not Alone
    Basically the plot of Predators or Alien. Spacepeople land in mysterious planet. Invisible monster stalks and eats dumb spacepeople. One or two spacepeople survive.
  6. Spyfall
    A deception/deduction game. One player "hides" among several location cards, others try to
  7. Dead Last
    Another deception game. Players eliminate each other as they divide loot from a heist.
  8. Above and Below
    A hybrid town-building / storytelling game. Build your village above and below ground and send your villagers to explore caves, and find resources.
  9. Game Election
    To determine the perfect game.
  10. Start Player
    If you just can't agree who should go first.
  11. Tie Breaker
    To break ties.