Thematic Nerdcore Games for Poker Players

There's a lot of crossover between poker mechanics and the Wild West theme.
  1. Texas Hold'em with Zombies
    Poker with a zombie mechanic that hounds players chip stacks and eats them.
  2. Westbound
    A role-playing game set in the fantasy old West. Features a poker driven system.
  3. Grimslingers
    The unofficial Dark Tower game.
  4. Doomtown: Reloaded
    A massively expandable Living Card Game set in the Weird West. Westworld meets a non-randomized Magic: the Gathering.
  5. Perpetual-Motion Machine
    Make poker hands to keep your fake machine going as long as possible.
  6. Batman: Almost Got 'Im
    Poker meets Werewolf. Inspired by an animated episode about villains telling stories about they ALMOST killed Batman.
  7. Dead Hand: Chaos Poker
    A poker variant. Out of print but you can still find it online for cheap.
  8. Poker Assault
    Build standard poker hands to apply effects onto your opponent. Decent game overall. Great gateway game.
  9. High Stakes Drifter
    A proper collectable card game, like Magic: the Gathering. Out of print, but again, easy to find.
  10. Hocus
    Fantasy poker with spells.
  11. Dice Town
    Liar's Dice meets The Gold Rush.
  12. Tiny Epic Western
    This tiny town isn't big enough for the 2 to 6 of you.
  13. The Right of Kings
    A hybrid board and poker game. In medieval and renaissance themes. Due out soon.
  14. D6 Shooters
    A press-your-luck poker-inspired dice game.