Things I Am Not Into

  1. Procedurals on CBS
  2. Game of Thrones
    I just don't like fantasy.
  3. The CW
    Most of the shows look the same.
  4. Most Anime
    Except sci-fi, obvi.
  5. Board Games with Overproduced Miniatures
    Especially dudes-on-a-grid games.
  6. MMOs
    Seems a lot like work.
  7. Hybrid Counter/Server Restaurants
    Ordering at the counter but getting served at the table is dumb. The servers aren't real servers, they don't know where you're sitting and can take forever to find your table, and they rarely check on you.
  8. Dark Matter
    It's like The Expanse reimagined for the CW crowd.
  9. Nancy Pelosi
    "We're capitalists, and that's just the way it is." This is why I'm turning against the Dems as soon as Trump's out of office and the GOP have been punished.
  10. Most Music on the Radio
    Because the "general market" is lame.