Things I Was Into in April

  1. March for Science
    Because fuck opinions.
  2. Round 1 of the French Presidential Election
    Because nationalism is getting old quick.
  3. Rick & Morty Season 3 Premier on April Fool's Day
  4. Firing a Skeezy Web Developer
    He started the project before I was hired. He's gone now.
  5. Watching Darth Vader Slaughter Rebels on Repeat
  6. Mint Works
  7. Trump Downplaying the Importance of the First Hundred Days After Making a Big To-Do About It
  8. The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction
    A game about making nuclear bombs.
  9. The Expanse
  10. Thing Explainer
  11. "Ugly" Starfighters
    In Star Wars, pirates cobble together leftover ship parts to make Frankenstein fighters.
  12. Discovering "The Thick of It" on YouTube