Things I Was Into in January

  1. On the Media
    This podcast had been helpful in determining how to counter Trump's bullshit.
  2. Trump vs The News
    His war on the press continues. It's obvious he's attempting to play the media like Putin does. So far, reporters are not relenting.
  3. Post-Brexit Britain
    So far, the pound is strong. Will that continue once the article 50 trigger is pulled?
  4. Star Wars Rogue One and Rebels
    FYI, Saw Garrera was first introduced in the Clone Wars series, making him the first character to jump from tv animation to live-action film.
  5. The World Economic Forum
    Davos was rife with people silently hoping those filthy populists didn't storm their castle.
  6. Alison Stewart
    She is a black, female Walter Cronkite.
  7. Labyrinth: the War On Terror
    And its expansion, The Awakening. This board game is a beast to get through, but it was worth it.
  8. Taboo
  9. The Arab World Challenge 2017
    I slacked off the forecasting tournament and needed to put nose to grindstone to redeem my score.