Video Games I'd Play If They Were Board Games

...and the gimmicks I like about them.
  1. Job Simulator
    Super-simple blocky design and biting cynicism.
  2. Mirror's Edge
    Cyberpunk parkour.
  3. Observer
    Cyberpunk detectives and memory hacking.
  4. Remember Me
    Memory remixing.
  5. Horizon: Zero Dawn
    Hurting and scavenging robot Dinosaurs
  6. ReCore
    Pet robots.
  7. Aztez
    Minimalist art design and lots of blood.
  8. Asura's Wrath
    It's just insane.
  9. The Wolf Among Us
    Quicktime events.
  10. Fortnite
    Fort construction.
  11. Splatoon
    The colors!
  12. Skylanders
    Character design.
  13. Starlink: Battle for Atlas
  14. Kerbal Space Program
    Homemade spaceships.
  15. Watch_Dogs
    Hacking and DIY devices.
  16. Trauma Team
    Medical challenges.
  17. Mark of the Ninja
    Stealth assassination.
  18. Snoopy: Flying Ace
    Steampunk biplanes.
  19. The Marvellous Miss Take
    Stealing shit.
  20. Borderlands
    Random weapons.
  21. Five Nights at Freddy's
    Jump scares.
  22. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
    Co-op ship operation.
  23. Overwatch
    Character design.
  24. Dead Space
    Weapon crafting.
  25. For Honor
    Dynamic sword fighting.
  26. Absolver
    Dynamic kung fu.
  27. Assassin's Creed: Chronicles
    More stealth assassination.
  28. Video Games I DO (or Did) Play But Still Want As a Board Game
  29. Burn Cycle
    The whole thing is minigames.
  30. Outpost 2
    Colony construction.
  31. Monaco
    Stealing everything from rich people.
  32. Gratuitous Space Battles
    What the title says.
  33. Starcraft 2
    Real-time strategy.
  34. Star Control
    PvP Asteroids on steroids. I played the hell out of the original.