What Your Favorite Overwatch Hero Says About You

  1. Doomfist
    You are hard and looking to prove your strength.
  2. Orisa
    You're flexible and kinda good at everything.
  3. Sombra
    You're a rebel and do not like rules. Also, computers are your bitch.
  4. Pharrah
    You love your mom but are kind of a control freak.
  5. Reaper
    You take yourself WAY too seriously, but you get shit done.
  6. Honzo
    Tradition and honor are your bread and butter.
  7. Soldier 76
    You're straightforward almost to a fault.
  8. Mei
    You're incredibly concerned about global warming and the environment.
  9. McCree
    You're a sense of right and wrong is nigh-absolute. You're also a show off.
  10. Genji
    You have issues with an older sibling, and you deflect criticism.
  11. Ana
    You're generous but also realistic and pragmatic.
  12. Junk Rat
    You're extraordinarily obnoxious and unlikable.
  13. Roadhog
    You have bad taste in friends and might have an addictive personality.
  14. Winston
    You put facts and data before opinion.
  15. Zarya
    You hate automation and fear losing your job to robots.
  16. Reinhardt
    You lack subtlety, and have no intention of resting until you're dead.
  17. Widowmaker
    You're sneaky and not at all interested in playing fair.
  18. Tracer
    You believe in second chances but find commitment a chore.
  19. Torbjorn
    You have a love/hate relationship with technology. However, that doesn't stop you from replacing hard working Americans with robots.
  20. Symmetra
    You're a perfectionist and can't tolerate sloppiness.
  21. Bastion
    You're not particularly nuanced and approach life with an all or nothing attitude.
  22. Lucio
    Music is your life.
  23. Zenyatta
    You take things in stride and have a lot of faith that everything will work out.
  24. You play way too many video games and are a bit of a attention whore.
  25. Mercy
    You don't like seeing people in pain and will do whatever it takes to ease suffering.