Why T-Mobile WAS the Absolute Worst (Updated)

  1. I Dropped My Phone
    No cracks, but the long edges of the screen were deader than a doornail.
  2. Claimed Insurance
    Called T-Mobile to use my insurance, they connected me to the...
  3. Wrong Insurer
    Fortunately they had the number for the right insurance company. Called that insurer, Asurion, jumped through some hoops, and they sent me a...
  4. New Phone?
    Nope. They neglected to mention that the replacement I picked wasn't even in production anymore and sent me a...
  5. USED Phone!
    Horseshit! I got back on the horn, clawed my way through three levels of functionaries, and was offered a reimbursement for whatever phone I bought.
  6. Maybe a New Phone Afterall
    I drove to the T-Mobile store, picked a current version of the USED phone', paid for it, waited while they FAILED to transfer my settings and connections, then...
  7. Nope!
    Out of nowhere they pull the "oh, by the way" and tell me it needs a weird charger WHICH I'VE NEVER HEARD OF! Fuck it. I told them keep it, I'll settle for the USED phone with the charger that everyone has. So they do the return, minus...
  8. A Fucking Restocking Fee!
    AND the refund is going to take 15 to 30 days! Which, naturally they didn't mention until it was already done. And, on top of all that, I was so mad...
  9. I Forgot the God Dann Receipt!
    And no, I'm not going to accept responsibility for this one! I've been driven mad and can't be held responsible for my own actions!!!
  10. So I'm Stuck With the USED Phone
  11. Update: I Got My Restocking Fee Refunded
    After seeing my tweet linking to this list (which tagged the CEO, BTW), T-Mobile refunded the restock fee. Still not happy with Asurion, though.