Worldbuilding Notes for the Marvel RPG I Will Never Run

FYI, when your run a supers role-playing game, it's basically a big excuse to make an alternate universe. Also, GMs tend to remix stuff they like from older comics and cancelled lines.
    These cancelled lines have merged into one reality.
  2. Marvel MAX
    Everything that happened in most MAX comics now take place in the same universe (except maybe Strange Tales). This does NOT include the non-MAX Squadron Supreme comics.
  3. Newuniversal
    Specifically the White Event, which may or may not have been the Incursion, which led to the deaths of (almost) all of the Squadron Supreme. Also the "Fireworks" were caused by Hyperion's pod.
    I'm just mining what I like from these.
  5. Ultimate Comics
    The more modern take on super people will color the game.
  6. Marvel Knights/2099
    Corporation are evil.
  7. Marvel Noir
    Noir characters also existed, so "Marvels" have been around for a while. Most of them were killed off by 1959.
  9. The White Event
    This cosmic event happened just before the reports of the Squadron Supreme's deaths and lead to the revelation of even more superhumans.
  10. The Call
    The President has signed an executive order calling on American cities to recruit post-humans into public service.
  11. Occupy Avengers
    The Avengers was the codename for a group of vigilantes. Because of the madness of the last few years, the government didn't have the resources to do anything about them. The Call is a way to legitimize them. Some of them have no intention of working for the government.
  12. Damage Control
    Entire industries have sprung up around post-humans.
  13. M Tech
    Weapons and tools far superior to current technology are being developed by a number of companies and inventors. If superhumans don't disrupt mankind, these new inventions will.
  14. Xavier Institute, Horizon High, and the Baxter Building
    Governments and corporations are desperate to find and influence children with superpowers and genius intellect before their rivals do.
  15. Salvaged Super-tech
    There is a lot of it out there.
  17. Dr. Jean Grey
    President of X-Corp. The public loves her, but nobody can tell you why.
  18. Philip Voight
    Director of the NSA. Killed three superhumans before the outing of Hyperion. This new surge of superhumans has him terrified.
  19. Frank Castle
    As more super-tech filters onto the street, Castle has made a point of grabbing as much of it as possible.
  20. Wilson Fisk
    Recently appointed to Alchemax's board of directors.
  21. The Hood
    This small-time crook is quickly becoming a superpowered crime boss.
  22. Emil Burbank
    His whereabouts are unknown, but SHIELD wants to find him fast.
  23. Zarda
    There are rumors that she survived the White Event, and the NSA has made finding her a priority. Thing is, she keeps disappearing from right under their noses.
  25. Public Eye
    A private security firm. Currently lobbying to experiment with privatized policing.
  26. SHIELD
    The MAX version of SHIELD didn't deal with post-human issues, but they do now. SHIELD is wary of The Call, but at least it lets them monitor them without a messy registration act like in other universes.
  27. Stark-Fujikawa
    After Howard Stark's death, his company was acquired by the Fujikawa company. SF is currently trying to secure a contract with SHIELD.
  28. X-Corporation
    Founded by an exonerated ex-con named Charles Xavier in the 1940s, X-Corp is under investigation after most of its executives were outed as post-humans. One them refers to herself as a "mutant".
  29. The NSA
    After the White Event, the Army's post-human projects have been moved to the NSA, and they are not at all interested in using post-humans. They're a danger and should be wiped out. To that end, they've begun Project: Spitfire.
  30. Brand Hex
    Not sure how I'd use Hexus, but a "Living Corporation" is too good a character to skip.
  32. Jessica Jones
    Jessica still doesn't advertise her abilities. She doesn't want to be a hero. She is definitely not related to...
  33. Rick Jones
    Everyone with connections to post-human activity knows him and assume he's an agent of SHIELD, which he denies. Pay no attention to his arsenal of spy tech. He's not in any way related to...
  34. Arcanna Jones
    Arcanna knows that something is off. She remembers things differently, and doesn't remember most of the current flock of super-people. That said, she doesn't seem to care. Warped quantum realities are nothing new to her.
  35. Dr. Emmett Proudhawk
    Not a "glyph" but definitely connected to the White Event.