1. Sometimes they make me laugh so hard I forget that I once knew how to breathe.
  2. They get along so well with my family it's almost as though they wear charm like their favourite pair of jeans.
  3. We are so very different. Sometimes we forget how our differences make us unstoppable, but that doesn't stop us.
  4. Sometimes they take pictures with me to hold me over until the next time we meet.
    This one is a window into our entire lives.
  5. Kaleb paints my house when I'm not home and always leaves it looking gorgeous.
  6. They remember. Doesn't matter what it is, they remember even when they don't need to and it makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
  7. When I'm scared of doing what's best for me, they're not and they push me. They make me better even when it's not convenient.
    My comfort zone is the size of a teaspoon, but when I'm with them it's like we are in another dimension where I am fearless.
  8. When I have my worst days, they remind me that nothing is actually that bad. I'm gonna be fine. We are all going to be okay. Together, we make our worst fears tremble before us.