I felt lied to today in Michael's while standing in the washi tape aisle and thought of this list.
  1. Why are misandrist women always in relationships with men if they think they are such trash?
  2. Why do people argue with strangers over celebrities who wouldn't bat an eyelash if they died?
  3. Why do people turn normal things like books, pop psychology, and business ventures into cults with fanatical worship?
  4. Why do women get so bitter to their single friends after getting married?
  5. Why do men desire unattached, casual sex but also shame and slander women who have unattached, casual sex?
  6. Why do potential employers want you to have no job gaps, even for education, but want you to be available to apply for, attend interviews, and be immediately ready for new employment?
  7. Why are the most natural processes like pooping, breast feeding, nudity, and sex considered pornographic?
  8. Why are women supposed to give up their sex appeal and wear bras that hide their cleavage after motherhood when they needed to have raw sex complete with a creampie to get pregnant?
  9. Why do religious people not acknowledge that God created everything, takes credit for all creation but not for sin, satan, or any of the bad stuff that happens to us all everyday?
  10. Why do atheists assume they know the origins of the universe when time only began at the big bang, we are all finite beings, life has no concrete purpose, causality, and science develops everyday?
  11. To be continued...
  12. How can you, with a straight face & sober mind, WATERMARK pictures on Instagram of a dead celebrity that you didn't take, don't have permission to share, and did not edit?????
  13. Bitch, how?