Reasons I ❤️ Rhode Island

This subject has been 46 years in the making. If you are looking for a place to experience many different things in a short time, then Rhode Island is the place to come.
  1. The Beaches. There are few other places you can go to experience all the coast line that RI has to offer.
  2. The Seafood. I have had seafood all over this country but nothing is better than seafood cooked & prepared by southern new england hands. Mussels, clam cakes, scrod, swordfish, clams, stuffies, shrimp, & on & on. Your biggest concern will be where do I go? Iggy's clam shack, Crows Nest, Hemingway's or Spain Restaurant. U will enjoy it all.
  3. The Restaurants. They don't have enough words in this description to do justice to the food throughout the state. Vintage Italian on Federal Hill, Matunuck Oyster Bar, Crows Nest. Pizza is its own separate category, but a pizza pie at the right place will make u come back again & again. Simple places like Famous Pizza, The big Cheese are yummy
  4. Architecture
    Because Rhode Island is such an old state (13th) it has a wide array of different buildings and homes that span 200 years of ingenuity. From the East Side to Newport you will see many era's of architecture. Going thru Brown University / RISD area give u a great perspective. Never mind that Taylor Swift has a huge mansion in Westerly. Look from afar though.
  5. More to come