Super Hero movies that u shouldn't waste ur time watching

Over the years, many many different people have tried making super hero type films only to fall flat. Here's a list of real gems that people wasted good money on seeing. I'm still waiting on The Mighty Hero's to get a remake. Enjoy.
  1. Darkman/This was Liam Neeson at his....worst. Truly a very different hero character as scientists Peyton Westlake reinvents himself into a man of many faces. The worst thing happened to this film, it made money and spawned off two more sequels😳🔫. Francis McDormant, & Larry Drake star in this Sam Raimi (🕷man trilogy). Will Darkman make a return?
  2. The Shadow- This 1994 film, that several directors wanted the rights to make. In the end Russell Mulcahy (Highlander) directed this 30's adventure w/ Alec Baldwin playing the lead Lamont Cranston. The problem is this film was a real snoozer from the start. Baldwin was way off his game. Supporting cast of Johnathan Winters, Peter Boyle can't help
  3. The Phantom
    Billy Zane is the decedent of African superheroes who travels to NYC to thwarted the bad guy. Great cast of Trent Williams, Kristy Swanson & Catherine Zeda Jones can't help Billy Zane act thru this crappy script. Simon Wincer is a forgotten director who's only action hero movie would be his last. Go back to Free Willy Simon.
  4. Captain America,1990
    Before Chris Evans donned the red, white, & blue, there was Matt Salinger. Who? Captain America made a very quiet limited release that was terrible. Poor script, sad sad acting. Red Dkull playing piano, WTF. One of my all time favorites, Ned Beatty shows up in this bad flick.
  5. Under Dog, 2007
    A beloved cartoon character with "speed of lightening, roar of thunder, frightening all who rob or plunder". The remake shot in Providence, Rhode Island was a chance to use digital enhancement on this pup. Too bad it couldn't make its mark.
  6. Howard the Duck, 1986
    This odd comic book character was Marvels first time making a full length movie. Howard had to be the worst choice. This film bomb and it would be the first of many stumbles for the early Marvel universe
  7. Batman & Robin - W/ a kick butt cast ( Clooney, O'Donnell, Thurman, Schwarzenegger) Even though George was the third cape crusader it didn't help this gaggle of a film. Arnold as Dr. Freeze appealed to me but once u see it💩💩. Uma Thurman as poison Ivy could of been a mistake too. After this one, super hero movies went away to retool. Thank God
  8. Superman, Quest for Peace
    Talk about running a franchise into the ground. The final of Christopher Reeves Man of Steel was a great learning tool for stretching storylines tooooo thin. Except for Gene Hackman as Lex Luther this film has nothing to offer.
  9. Nick Fury, Agent of Shield, 1998 - All I really need to say here is David Hasselhoff. While riding his Baywatch popularity he did this cheese bag of a film. Imagine the Hoff in Avengers 😁
  10. Fantastic Four, 1994
    This film is an all time low. This truly explains to me why Marvel has there own studio. This first attempt of the Fantastic 4 was a total gag fest. Cheesy and costumes that look like they where bought in a Party City. Avert you eyes from this mess.