Just to be clear, my dad is still amongst the living, but daily I will harken back to some moment I spent with him as a kid.
  1. Spending Saturday morning/afternoon with him
    When the family dynamic is 3 kids(1 boy, 2 girls), the boy goes w/ Dad. Maybe it was my mothers way to get me / him out of the house, but Dad & I traveled together allot on Saturday when I was a kid. My Dad was a hard working guy, but at times took jobs that required weekend work. Whether it was driving a taxi, working for a local car dealer, or getting wood for the stove that heated the basement, I tagged along to help. Learned about different people & personalities from those trips.
  2. The car rides, the music 🚗
    My Dad was a kid in the 1950-60's , the music in his car was Chuck Berry, The Temptation, The Supremes, Beach Boys & other iconic bands. He played it loud as we cruised to our destination. His favorite DJ, Chuck Stevens (The Chucker) would play those tunes and many many more. Every time I roll my own windows down & play my tunes I think yeah, Dad did this too. Those guitar rifts & harmonizing pushed my buttons and directed me to good music in my time.
  3. Dad, Sports Spectator
    My dad has always been a great spectator when I was a kid. He wasn't the most athletic or sports minded guy, but he was a proud dad. Whether I was playing baseball & excelling or playing basketball were I didn't he was there. He was the one who pushed me to wrestle & that's when I flourished athletically. Early morning tournaments, breakfast at the local diner became ritual. Only once did I have to yell into the crowd to tell him to shut up,, pushed me just right, hit a triple. Thx Dad🏅
  4. We did church⛪️
    My parent believed in church life & to this day attend the same church we did as kids. Being raised within a bigger family community paid dividends. Like any families, mine went thru hard times & twice my father left the house, which at the time strained the relationship we shared. Other men, Good men help out & helped me navigate thru tough times. I thank God my father realized the importance of knowing the father sets the pace in so many areas. Especially in matters of the heart.
  5. Always loved a good movie 📽 & wrestling
    Movies have always been an activity my Dad & I loved to do together. He loved getting movies at the local video store, & banging out a weekend marathon. Our favorite was "Highlander" w/ Connery & Christopher Lambert. "There can be only 1" Then there's wrestling. We enjoyed our afternoons of watching Jay Strongbow, Ivan Putski, George Steele, Greg Valentine, Blackjack Mulligan & so many others. It all was great escape time. Even when I would recite every line from 48 hours, we would laugh.