Childhood in the 70's-80's was great for so many reasons. Sure, every kid ran into some trouble or stumble on to a batch of Penthouse magazines but hey, I was 10. I also did some fun stuff that defined my existence.
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    Start w/ the elephant - Stealing porn from the dads
    Being a young man in New England we had fathers who were young guys when Playboy, Penthouse, Cheri, & of course the bad boy Hustler where in their prime of subscriptions. When ever a fort was being built or parents where gone, the old magazines would come out. I remember seeing Suzanne Summers naked for the first time. I thought I went to heaven. Now, did this scare my childhood? The answer would be yes but you realize that not how things go in life. It' fantasyland folks. ✌🏻️❤️🖖🏻
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    There wasn't a construction site within a few blocks from my parents street that the neighborhood kids didn't raid. The purpose, to build forts and privacy. We'd grab hammers, saw and grab whatever nails we could fine to put the castle together. The location could be remote but u always ran into the chance of older kids taking it right from you. Too close and mom/dad would be checking things out. Too young to booze up but it was sanctuary for young guys to be boys. Whatever that means.
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    Limited TV channels
    I know this one may sound weird but hear me out. Growing up there were 3 local stations & w/ the help of the antenna we could pull in the Boston stations & catch Bruins & different programming then local stations. Things like, "The Brady Bunch hour" on 56 or Bruins on 38 were gems to catch. Instead of being locked into 150 choices, we found other things to do. Played outdoors more, got dirty & even climbed thru sewers. Not all safe but active none the less. Wouldn't trade it in for an IPhone.
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    Our parent didn't helicopter our butts so sweet freedom reign
    I live in a neighborhood that we bursting with kids in the 70-80's. Everyone had bikes and w/ that came sweet freedom. Now my parents worked & the local moms would take turns keeping an eye on us. Which meant if you started bleeding or need a hospital visit, they'd help out. My friends & I explored all part of our town on bike & went for big rides or climbed thru woods to follow the streams. We stayed out of trouble & were rewarded w/ freedom. Night time meant bogeyman hide/seek. Great times.
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    Things were closed on Sunday. Blue Laws
    Once again another different choice but this day made sense. Sunday was put aside as a day when all men/women rested. Banks, stores, malls, closed. Maybe a pharmacy but only til 5. People would go to mass, have dinner, hopefully enjoy each other's company. I'm not stupid to think that for others this was a day they dreaded. Especially in a tough situation. But I believe there should be a time when things stop. We are to insulated peeps.