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In January the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled the Canadian government was discriminating against 163,000 First Nations children on reserves by spending far less on social services than they spend off reserve. In honour of National Aboriginal Day we present tips on what you can do to help. By Stephanie Bailey. http://bit.ly/1P8qonW
  1. Why was there a human rights complaint against the Canadian government?
    Turns out there are some pretty stark numbers when you look at the conditions that First Nations children are living in right now, says Cindy Blackstock, one of the crusaders behind this historic case.
  2. Between 1989 and 2012, First Nations children spent 66 million nights of their childhood away from their families.
  3. The federal government, responsible for providing social services on reserves, spends 20 to 30 per cent less on First Nations children compared to what provincial governments provide to children off reserve.
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My time at the University of Alberta has left me with a few key pieces of wisdom — and most of them came from outside the classroom • by Kate Black, for Thought Box
  1. Taking care of yourself pays off
    Once I started treating my body like a living thing and not a machine (i.e. getting at least seven hours of sleep and eating some vegetables) my grades got better and I saved a lot of money on coffee. It was like magic.
  2. People are kinder than you think, so ask for help when you need it (and even when you think you don’t)
    Most professors actually care about you. They really don’t mind giving you a couple more days to work on a paper if it means you'll do your best work.
  3. You can find leadership anywhere
    The people who have had the biggest impact on me at UAlberta haven’t won big awards or had stories written about them.
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