5 things I learned at university (Or, how I learned to stop worrying and ask for an extension)

My time at the University of Alberta has left me with a few key pieces of wisdom — and most of them came from outside the classroom • by Kate Black, for Thought Box
  1. Taking care of yourself pays off
    Once I started treating my body like a living thing and not a machine (i.e. getting at least seven hours of sleep and eating some vegetables) my grades got better and I saved a lot of money on coffee. It was like magic.
  2. People are kinder than you think, so ask for help when you need it (and even when you think you don’t)
    Most professors actually care about you. They really don’t mind giving you a couple more days to work on a paper if it means you'll do your best work.
  3. You can find leadership anywhere
    The people who have had the biggest impact on me at UAlberta haven’t won big awards or had stories written about them.
  4. No person is meant to do one thing
    No one is born with “doctor,” “lawyer,” or “strategic communications writer” tattooed on their wrist (although that would be pretty cool). It’s never too late to change paths or come back to school.
  5. The world is more fun when you let it change you
    It can be scary to push yourself to meet new people and try new things. It’s these kind-of-scary moments, though, that have the biggest payoff, whether that means meeting your new best friend or, at worst, embarrassing yourself and having a new memory to laugh about.
  6. good bye UAlberta! I'll miss having my mind blown on a regular basis