Why adopting a dog from Paws in Prison is the BEST

www.pawsinprison.com - if you're in the Austin/San Antonio area or willing to travel.
  1. Your new dog is helping to rehabilitate women inmates
    They learn patience, empathy, problem solving, teamwork & more.
  2. Your dog is being trained using gentle positive reinforcement methods.
    No hitting, collar corrections or other harsh methods are used.
  3. You're basically saving 3 dogs!
    If you adopt Dog A, then Dog B can get in the program and open a space in a rescue for Dog c!
  4. Your dog will know lots of stuff
    Walking on leash, sit, down, stay, leave it, come, etc.
  5. Your dog will be heart worm negative, fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped!
    All of this is included in the adoption fee
  6. We can tell you SO much about your dogs personality!
    They live with their inmates 24/7 - those women really know the dogs!
  7. Your dog will be crate trained
    Sooo helpful is adjusting to your home!
  8. You can choose from different types of dogs - little and cute, medium & sweet, large & athletic or a mix of the above.