I completely appreciate the different skin choices for 👍, but I think people aren't the only diverse creatures.
  1. Side note: 👍
    I struggled with which 👍 to use. I considered 👍🏽, but did not want to inadvertently offend anyone. I kept bright yellow because it somehow seemed more universal, as it's not very realistic. Plus, dogs don't actually have thumbs anyway.
  2. This is me.
    I am a very large, predominately brown dog.
  3. 🐶
    This is the dog emoji. It is the ONLY dog face emoji.
  4. 🐕🐩
    Yes, these are dogs, but I want dog faces. These seem rather distant and not expressive.
  5. 🐕
    If I were to pick one to represent me, this one feels more right. I am not fancy.
  6. 🐻
    This is the bear emoji. It is not a dog, but is is all brown.
  7. 🐻>🐶
    Presumably, the bear is larger than the dog. That is usually the case.
  8. More 🐻 than 🐶
    Although I am definitely a dog, I feel that the bear is a better visual representation of me.
  9. 🐻❤️
    Therefore, when I use this combination, I really am expressing 'dog love', not 'bear love'.
  10. Also 🐻❤️
    I understand that this can also mean 'bear hug'. I'm ok with that.
  11. This is a good representation, too.
  12. 🐻❤️, Y'all!