This is how my morning is's yours?!
  1. The warmth of my covers (one of my favorite feelings by the way)
  2. My dogs kisses on my cheek (another fave)
  3. Clothes under my feet (I'm currently living like a slob...)
  4. Cold Apple Cider Vinegar Water soothing my throat (yummy)
  5. Gratitude
  6. Mild pain in my head and tummy (the joys of being a woman)
  7. The cool breeze on my arms on my ride to work (I love that drive)
  8. Change in my pocket (you never know what you'll need to buy for 70 cents)
  9. The most intense gaze ever from the most handsome lab mix (sometimes being a vet assistant is the best thing on the earth)
  10. The urge to sing and dance to every 80s pop song that comes on Pandora