When your dog (her name is Indigo by the way) is writhing around in the sand at the lake and making no attempt whatsoever to be "normal" like all the other dogs you tend to draw a crowd. Amongst today's onlookers was Stacey. And here's what I learned about her:
  1. Is 55 (and looks great, go Stacey)
  2. Thinks Indigo is just adorable (I mean.....yea)
  3. Has a husband .... Who was referred to a few times but apparently has no name.
  4. Has a 31 year old son
  5. Has a pregnant daughter that lives in South Carolina
  6. Will be going back and forth the next 9 weeks to help the aforementioned pregnant daughter who is now on bedrest
  7. Is not excited..
  8. Wears a beret (I imagine Stacey has very deep thoughts...and spends her down time painting on rolling hills in France...or at the lake in North Carolina...same thing)
  9. Is a cell phone photographer, like myself. An art we both take quite seriously
  10. Pet sits (which is a fun gig at any age let's be honest)
  11. Is an amazing and fun energy to be around, I enjoyed meeting her. Thank you, Indigo.