1. Curse of Blackmoor Manor
    Because this game is so deliciously creepy and that spinning room trapped me for like ever
  2. Legend of the Crystal Skull
    Far better than the Indiana Jones movie. I really liked the atmosphere and wannabe goth high school Kendall really liked the main guy. Also the glass eyes were sick as hell.
  3. The Secret of Shadow Ranch
    For general awesomeness and the like. Also you got to bake a cake and I like that shit.
  4. Danger on Deception Island
    I really just remember the crabs. And the atmosphere. And the orca.
  5. Shadow at the Water's Edge
    Listen, I like Japan, okay? Also if I remember correctly you got to make bento and collect phone charms and it was super cute and yeah.
  6. Ghost of Thornton Hall
    Actually this game was pretty good. Old south. Ghosts. Crazy ladies.
  7. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
    I still don't remember this one even though we played it super recently, all I remember is looking for birds and that it was fun.
  8. The Haunted Carousel
    Again, don't remember much but that I liked it.
  9. Treasure in the Royal Tower
    My first Nancy Drew game!!!! It was really pretty fun and then Professor Hotchkiss and her couscous and 50 chicken wings.
  10. The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
    There was a wolf and a creek.... And icicles. Also a bomb blows up in like the first scene.
  11. The Ransom of the Seven Ships
    Currently replaying!!! Besides getting frustrated I think this one is pretty decent.
  12. Message in a Haunted Mansion
    Don't remember anything but it left me with a good feeling so there's that.
  13. Secret of the Old Clock
    All I remember from this is that I hated the driving.
  14. Warnings at Waverly Academy
    Again, I'm pretty sure my favorite part about this was the goth chick. Are you noticing a pattern yet?
  15. The Haunting of Castle Malloy
    I have a memory that is just barely out of reach for this game, but I remember it having an old, spooky atmosphere and that's always good.
  16. Danger by Design
    I don't remember being impressed by the mystery but I think you got to do something with clothes? Maybe not. But apparently you made cookies.
  17. Trail of the Twister
    You get to be a storm chaser so that's exciting but the plot is eh.
  18. Tomb of the Lost Queen
    Fuck this Anunaki bullshit.
  19. The Silent Spy
    Wow, what a let down. They try to make it all exciting because it's about her mom but it's just so bad.
  20. The Phantom of Venice
    I literally don't remember a single detail about this game. Barely enough to rank it. Guess it didn't make an impression.
  21. Alibi in Ashes
    You're supposed to be the number one suspect in this game and so Nancy spends almost all of it in the police station and you play as Bess and George. Uhg.
  22. The Shattered Medallion
    You're on a game show thing. It sucks. The end.