I enjoy the fact that horses exist so here are some of the best ones.
  1. Big horses.
    Like drafts and such because dang they're so great even though they can be difficult to ride sometimes because of their immense size. They're just big softies, I mean look at the one pictured above for reference.
  2. Average-sized horses.
    These are the guys that are a reasonable height. The best because they are beautiful and majestic. The classic horse.
  3. Haflingers.
    These are those horses where you're not sure if they're a horse or a pony. These guys are awesome. Perfect for average to shorter sized people. Plus they're just like the buffer between pony and horse and that is deserving of recognition.
  4. Miniature horses.
    This list is for horses exclusively not ponies. Ponies deserve their own list. Luckily there is such a thing as a miniature horse. These guys range from "perfect for your kid to ride" height to "is that a beagle with hooves?" height.
  5. Mixed-breeds. Because dang, the combinations for mixed-breeds are endless.
    You want a draft horse but you don't want a horse tall enough to reach the heavens? Get a draft mix! Tone that height down with some normal horse genetics. Mixed-breeds make these things possible. They're awesome for sure.
  6. Cool patterned horses.
    Appaloosas, knabstruppers, paints, and all that. They have spots, patches, a multitude of colors, some mixed (for example roan horses). These horses are the best because they have the most interesting coat.
  7. Horses with cool eyes.
    Horse eyes are pretty cool to begin with, but when you have a horse with bright blue eyes or two different colored eyes or eyes the color of liquid gold, you are winning big time.
  8. Pretty much all horses are the best. I mean c'mon, they're all so great. Show them all the love they deserve.