1. Stand next to someone with more belly fat than you (presto!)
  2. Try *walking* through the drive thru
  3. Allow yourself only one Instagram of food per day
  4. Take a knife to that fucker
  5. Make your boobs/pecs extend past your gut - it's officially not a gut at that point
  6. Go see that no-eye-contact doctor from Requiem for a Dream. Results may vary.
  7. Get a pair of pants that's ten sizes too large so you can take one of those pictures where you stand in them and hold the waist way out in front of you and you shrug with your other shoulder and look at the camera like "OMG where'd all that belly fat go?!??"
  8. Exercise
  9. Promote a culture where all body sizes and shapes can be considered equally beautiful, attractive, aesthetically pleasing etc. But wait if you believe in that then why'd you click on this list oh no my mind!