A video I directed "dropped" on Comedy Central's Facebook and Twitter today. It's solid and now that I am a director I will give some advice. https://twitter.com/comedycentral/status/830869096858255360
  1. Write a Script
    Having a script makes directing much easier. If you don't want to write a script then get someone to write one for you.
  2. Get Some Actors
    Getting actors isn't easy, so if possible you should find someone who knows a lot of actors and ask them to get you some.
  3. Find Someone Who Knows How a Camera Works
    Can't emphasize this enough. As a director it's important to capture your vision on a camera so people can see it. No one expects you to know how to use it, you just find someone who does and tell them how you want things to look.
  4. Act Like You Know What You're Doing
    Just say "cut" and compliment people for their hustle and stuff.
  5. Get Verified Twitter Accounts to Share Your Video
    Still working on this.
  6. Make a List to Subtly Let People Know About the Video
    Casually ask people who read the list to check the video out. Know that if they don't share it it is a reflection on you and how you've failed.
  7. Repeat!