There are more, but these pop into mind at present. . .
  1. Lewis Hyde's THE GIFT: This may be one of the most important, touching, and generally inspiring books on creativity and the creative life ever written. Other fans of it include Margaret Atwood (who needs to be on here!), Jonathan Lethem, David Foster Wallace, Zadie Smith, and many, many others.
  2. Mark Leyner's ET TU BABE: I always hand this to someone and say "this is one of my all time favorites." Then I realize that when they read it they will come to understand how strange a sense of humor I have. Features the Piranha 793, a car that ensures everyone dies in a crash, except those in it.
  3. Nick Harkaway's THE GONE-AWAY WORLD: This book contains one of the single best moment's in any novel, ever. I threw my arms up in victory at this moment when I first read it. When I see folks I gave this to, I say that line. We often high five right after. Dorks! Dorks get this book.
  4. @miragonz's i will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together: Someone said to me that no interesting poetry was being written these days. I gave them this and told them to go away and come back when they were ready to be friends again.
  5. Joseph Mitchell's UP IN THE OLD HOTEL: Any time a friend forgets why they moved to New York in the first place they get this.
  6. Emma Donoghue's ROOM: Someone once asked me what voice-driven fiction was. I gave them this. God it's good.
  7. @bjnovak's ONE MORE THING: A friend was down and needed something they could disappear into, that would make them laugh, but also remind them of all the other emotions humans are capable of. They got this.
  8. @charlesyu's HOW TO LIVE SAFELY IN A SCIENCE FICTIONAL UNIVERSE: Just about every author I have signed up has been given this book. It was the first novel I edited.
  9. @tao_lin's TAIPEI: I gave this to @bjnovak and @charlesyu.
  10. Paolo Bacigalupi's THE WATER KNIFE: I gave this to @marthastewart because she was instrumental in helping me acquire it.
  11. Cheryl Strayed's WILD: I gave this to my mom.
  12. Chris Mcdougall's BORN TO RUN: I gave this to my dad.
  13. Samuel Delany's DHALGREN: I gave this to myself.