1. "The fox pushes softly, blindly through me at night."--Jack Gilbert, Searching For Pittsburg
  2. "Speaking of sunsets,"--James Tate, Never Again The Same
  3. "The Mike Tyson in me sings like a narwhal."--Roger Reeves, Some Young Kings
  4. "A duck is like the moon"--Jessy Randall, Metaphors
  5. "It is 12:10 in New York and I am wondering"--Frank O'Hara, Adieu to Norman, Bon Jour to Joan and Jean-Paul
  6. "There are too many waterfalls here; the crowded streams"--Elizabeth Bishop, Questions of Travel
  7. "Somewhere someone is traveling furiously towards you,"--John Ashbery, At North Farm
  8. "At night, in the fish light of the moon, the dead wear our white shirts"--Charles Wright, Homage to Paul Cezanne
  9. "I still love words, when we make love"--Terrance Hayes, God is an American
  10. "The first track still almost swings. High"--Tracy K Smith, The Universe: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  11. "In a field"--Mark Strand, Keeping Things Whole
  12. "All this was written on the next day’s list."--Jorie Graham, The Guardian Angel of the Private Life
    Ok. I cheated ever so slightly on this last one, but I couldn't help myself it is too perfect for this app.