This is the story of BB.
  1. One day I found a little creature on the street, and swindled her into a vegetable box with a can of tuna fish. When we got back to my apartment, she acted like she'd always lived there.
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  2. She was sick, so she had to have surgery. I took her to the vet and she fell asleep like this. But she was a strong girl.
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  3. I got a glimpse of BB's tenacity when taking her home from the vet. It was a sign of things to come.
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  4. But first she had to get better and wear one of those cones on her head. I got her a bed to help her relax. BB is not very big. Full grown she is about the size of a D size hardcover.
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  5. As she got better, her natural sense of curiosity began to emerge. She liked books.
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  6. And flowers.
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  7. And drinking from the faucet.
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  8. But mostly she liked looking for things.
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  9. In drawers.
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  10. In sinks.
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  11. In couches.
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  12. And now that she's better, she likes to smile.
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  13. Play hide and seek.
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  14. Prevent me from working.
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  15. In any way possible.
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  16. But mostly she like to sleep.
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  17. And occasionally attack my hair.
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  18. But we're friends, and I keep an eye on her. And I thought I'd introduce her and her story to all you great people.
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  19. This is what she looks like when she says hello.
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