This is the story of BB.
  1. One day I found a little creature on the street, and swindled her into a vegetable box with a can of tuna fish. When we got back to my apartment, she acted like she'd always lived there.
  2. She was sick, so she had to have surgery. I took her to the vet and she fell asleep like this. But she was a strong girl.
  3. I got a glimpse of BB's tenacity when taking her home from the vet. It was a sign of things to come.
  4. But first she had to get better and wear one of those cones on her head. I got her a bed to help her relax. BB is not very big. Full grown she is about the size of a D size hardcover.
  5. As she got better, her natural sense of curiosity began to emerge. She liked books.
  6. And flowers.
  7. And drinking from the faucet.
  8. But mostly she liked looking for things.
  9. In drawers.
  10. In sinks.
  11. In couches.
  12. And now that she's better, she likes to smile.
  13. Play hide and seek.
  14. Prevent me from working.
  15. In any way possible.
  16. But mostly she like to sleep.
  17. And occasionally attack my hair.
  18. But we're friends, and I keep an eye on her. And I thought I'd introduce her and her story to all you great people.
  19. This is what she looks like when she says hello.