1. Static
  2. New Jersey was home to one of the first Native American reservation, which was for the Lenni-Lenape tribe in 1758. The tribe later sold the land back to government in 1801.
  3. The signers of the Declaration of Independence for New Jersey included 2 attorneys, Abraham Clark and Richard Stockton, a clergyman named John Witherspoon, John Hart, a businessman, and, a writer/lawyer/judge Francis Hopkinson.
  4. Was called New Netherlands from 1609 to 1664, when it was held by the Dutch.
  5. It was the 3rd state to ratify the Constitution and the 1st to sign the Bill of Rights.
  6. Bonus Fact
    William Parker Foulke found the first complete dinosaur skeleton from North America, the Hadrosaurus, in Haddonfield New Jersey.