Doing these urks my soul
  1. Merging lanes without a turn signal
    There is a system... and it hates you
  2. Surprise neck squeezes (not choking, that's aight)
    Who the F greets someone from behind with a scary neck muscle pinch
  3. Telling someone to watch a great part of a film, and they keep looking away
    You're gonna miss the best part! Life can wait, I'm right about this moment's worth.
  4. Continously being told to "watch this part" of a film when you're busy
    I get it, you dig it.. but I'm busy right now!
  5. People obsessed with their pet peeves
    Using "pet peeve" in a sentence is one of the most pretentious things a person can do.
  6. Excessive stomping on stairs
    Yeah.. when you're an overly energetic 7 yr old, you might need a scolding... When you're a 20 yr old college student with roommates... POW! right in the kissah
  7. Being told to do something you're already doing
    Everyone understands that your brain is active.. maybe. thanks for trying fam.