Quentin Tarantino's 1994 masterpiece is cut out of order. Here, for the curious, is the sequential order of events
  1. Past - Young Butch is given his father's watch
    Presented as a flashback, this is the earliest scene in the film as its set decades in the past.
  2. Day 1 - Vincent & Jules retrieve the attache case
    The sequence begins with a discussion of The Royale with Cheese and ends with them and shooting Marvin in the face.
  3. Day 1 - The Wolf
    Immediately after killing Marvin, Vincent and Jules stop at Jimmie's home in the valley where The Wolf helps them clean up.
  4. Day 1 - Diner discussion of 'divine intervention'
    On their way to return Marsellus Wallace's attache case, Vincent and Jules stop at a diner to have a bite. Jules believes that he has witnessed divine intervention and decides to quit the hitman business after returning the case.
  5. Day 1 - Ringo and Yolanda hold up the diner
    The "first" scene in the movie is later picked up when Jules and Vincent go to the diner after meeting with The Wolf. The robbers attempt to steal Marsellus Wallace's attache case but are instead paid off out of Jule's Bad Mother Fucker wallet
  6. Day 1 - Returning the case/meeting Butch
    Vincent and Jules go to Marsellus Wallace's bar but must wait to deliver the attache case as Wallace is finishing a discussion with Butch about how he is to throw a fight. At the end of the scene, Wallace asks Vincent to entertain his wife.
  7. Day 1 - Drugs, Mia, and Jack Rabbit Slims
    Vincent stops at his drug dealer's house to buy some heroin before picking up Miss Mia Wallace at her home. The two enjoy milkshakes and a dance competition, but their evening is cut short when Mia O.D.s on the heroin. The scene ends with an adrenaline shot straight to her heart.
  8. Day 2 - Butch KOs his opponent
    After his flashback, Butch KOs his opponent, rather than throwing the fight, and quickly escapes the arena thanks to a cab driver named Esmerelda - the two of them make love in a motel.
  9. Day 3 - Retrieving the watch
    In the morning, Butch realizes his girlfriend forgot to get his father's watch from their house. He returns and discovers Marsellus Wallace has hired Vincent to kill him. Butch escapes with his watch after shooting Vincent.
  10. Day 3 - Butch & Marsellus Wallace meet again
    As Butch is returning from his home, he spots Marsellus Wallace walking across the street. He runs him over but crashes his car. When the men wake up, a brawl lands them in a gun shop where they are taken hostage by two sex-crazed men. The film ends with Butch helping Marsellus Wallace escape the captors - he rides off into the sunset on a motorcycle named Grace.