I can't NOT Watch...
  1. The Notebook , I cry every single time
  2. Somethings got to Give, It's the house & Diane Keaton & it's really the house!!
  3. Sex and the City, I know I know
  4. Titanic, The costumes are Amazing! The story ❤️ And of course, Jack & Rose😘
  5. Addams Family 😜
  6. Mrs.Doubtfire ,Everyone in this movie, I Love!❤️ Yes, I cry at this one too 😕😉
  7. Mathilda, Rusted Root is My Favorite Band! They play at the end! I just Love this story!❤️
  8. Valley Girl! Nuff said!
  9. Ace Ventura 😄 Any of them!
  10. The Help, If you haven't seen it? Go get it, NOW! This is an Amazing Story!!!
  11. The Poseidon Adventure, This will stay with you Forever.
  12. Mary Poppins! Love to sing all of those Great songs! I Love their accents!!
  13. High Plains Drifter & Anything Clint Eastwood is in!
  14. All of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies! Johnny Depp 👊🏻❤️
  15. All of Harry Potter! It kept my attention, not easy to do 🙃😉