1. Who I thought I was as a child
    Who I used to feel like, or think I would be. What it was like to be a child, and to be a child thinking about adulthood.
  2. Career plans
    The different careers I have considered in my life. Why and when.
  3. Growing Up.
    Cliche and overrated, but I want to do this for my own personal growth. What it has been like for me to transition into adulthood.
  4. Who I am now
    More than my likes and dislikes, my goals, my interests. Who I am to my core, if you gutted this figure, this capsule, what would comprise the muscles? What resides in my heartstrings?
  5. My to-do lists
    Seriously. They are such a big deal to me and so important to me structurally that I should go ahead and write about what they are and what I hope to accomplish from them. How I anticipate their evolution and, consequently, my own.
  6. Smoking weed vs. Not smoking weed
    Personally only. How I feel when I smoke vs when I don't smoke, and maintaining that delicate balance.
  7. My Personal Autobiography
    Chapters on every age/year of my life up until this point. Self examination will hopefully be followed by self understanding.
  8. Quote Journals
    I seriously need to start doing these again!
  9. Money