A list of things that will show you how much I of a wuss I am. 😉
  1. 1: SPIDERS!! They terrify me, horrible nasty things.
  2. 2: Clowns!! I find them sinister and evil looking, almost as scary as spiders. The only thing that would be more scary would be spiders with clown faces or clowns with 8 legs...😱😱😱
  3. 3: Heights! I can't even climb a stepladder without wanting to cry!
  4. 4: Elevators! After being trapped in one for 2 hrs I now hate them
  5. 5: Dolls/puppets I mean come on, how do they not scare you?
  6. 6: Wasps!!! Nasty stinging assholes! I was repeatedly stung in the face by 6 of the bastards at once. 🖕🏻🐝