Favorite Board Games I don't Get To Play Often Enough

I have a problem. It isn't board gaming, it's the lack of opportunities to board game.
  1. Russian Railroads
    I love almost every worker-placement game I have played. I own this one, and all current expansions. A long setup/takedown make this a bit of a tough sell on game nights.
  2. Puerto Rico
    Setup/takedown is a big factor. But another problem is the minimum players is 3, which sucks when there are only 2 people available.
  3. Dominion
    I apparently have burned too many people out. No one ever wants to play it any more.
  4. A Study In Emerald
    The only problem is I don't know anyone that owns it! Played it at a small board game convention, and loved it. Counter-cooperative was great!