1. The Cyst App
    It's like Wikipedia but for cysts.
  2. The Fist App
    An app that let's users fist bump their friends.
  3. The Pissed App
    Map out all of the places you've urinated!
  4. The Wrist App
    An app that let's users share pictures of their wrists.
  5. The Dissed App
    A safe place where people can talk about the hardships and struggles of being "dissed."
  6. The Exist App
    An app that exists.
  7. The Missed App
    An app that updates you on things you may have missed over the last few days, such as the latest episode of The Voice or your child's birthday.
  8. The Gist App
    An app that gives a brief summary of things.
  9. The Mist App
    The official Sierra Mist mobile application.
  10. The Kissed App
    An app that let's users keep track of who've they kissed.
  11. The Twist App
    An app full of items that people can twist, such as a bottle cap of a Bop-It.
  12. MySpace