1. We don't all love drinking tea.
    I can't stand the stuff. It's horrible. I know loads of people who, like myself find it disgusting.
  2. It's not always cold and wet.
    This perception is silly. If there is one thing you shouldn't do, it's stereotype British weather. It's far too unpredictable! It can feel like November in June. It can feel like May in December (last year people were walking round in shorts and sunbathing a couple of weeks before Christmas). There are times every summer where the UK will be hotter than Spain/Florida - but sporadically! The one thing you can say is that whatever the weather, itdoesn't stick around for long!
  3. London is not the UK
    It's our capital, it's a great place to visit, but if you think only of London, you're missing out. We have brilliant major provincial cities in Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol. Lovely historic smaller cities like York, Durham, Chester, Canterbury, Winchester, Salisbury, Bath. Stunning countryside in the Dales and Moors of Yorkshire, the coast and Castles of Northumberland, Cumbria's Lake Districts, Scotland's Lochs, Highlands and Islands.
  4. We don't speak with a 'British Accent'
    What is this singular British accent? There's so much variation. People who live ten miles apart can have different accents. Checkout YouTube for examples of Cockney, Geordie, Scouse, Manc, Glaswegian and then you'll see just how different and diverse our accents are (and they're all just the most high profile and recognisable examples of many).
  5. Our Teeth are fine
    Statistically we Brits have amongst the best dental hygiene in the world (higher than America).Its just we only stick braces on kids teeth if they need it.
  6. We're no more politer than anyone else
    It's not uncommon to encounter politeness in Britain, but there's rude bastards and miserable sods a-plenty. We can be incredibly polite, but we can be very surly, cynical and sarcastic too.
  7. Not all of our taps are separate
    I've lived with mixer taps most my life. Some places have mixers, some separates. It's not something we notice that much. We don't freak out about it. Either way is fine!
  8. British Beer isn't 'warm'
    You're used to Lager. Lager is just a type of beer, and a type that is meant to be stored and served chilled. We love lager in the UK. You'll find it everywhere, some excellent, some awful and everything in between. But lager is not a traditional beer here. Our traditional beers Ales, Bitters etc are served at room temperature. Think of them like wine- you drink white wine chilled, but not red.
  9. Britain is not 'a small island'
    It's an island (or rather a collection of islands, but let's stick with the island of Great Britain - the British mainland). There are hundreds of thousands of islands in the world. Great Britain is the largest island in Europe and tenth largest in the world. So in island terms, it's a giant! It's 'a huge island'.
  10. We don't drive on the 'wrong' side of the road
    Once upon a time, people everywhere tended to walk and ride on the left (it meant you could draw your sword with your right hand). But then the French swapped sides during the French Revolution as a subversive act. Napoleon conquered Europe and the trend spread while we stayed, but we're not alone. Ireland, Australia, Japan, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand to name but a few, all drive on the left too.