Songs stuck in my head. Pop song category. Take a listen. This list will be updated.
  1. Sorry by Justin Bieber
    I'm not sorry though.
  2. Hello by Adele
    What do you call a fat computer? Adele. Bad joke, she's on another level, welcome back.
  3. Dark Times by the Weeknd and Ed Sheeran
    My god.
  4. Done Changing by John Mayer
    @john ending each line with the word "changing" is creative and poetic. Very much looking forward to the new stuff
  5. I Won't Stand In Your Way by Drake Bell
    From Drake and Josh? What! That guy's still around? Hell yeah he is, and he's got a Dean Martin vibe.
  6. Back to Back/Hotline Bling/Jumpman by Drake
    Regardless of his music video dancing, he makes hits.
  7. Could Have Been Me by The Struts
    Not really pop, because pop means "popular". But they're getting there. Queen and Rolling Stones vibe from these guys. Good stuff.
  8. S.O.B. by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats
    Son of a bitch. That's an authentic sound.