Let's virtually read through the dreams of young Thomas to a Thomas who is older but is still figuring it out.
  1. Year One: a bird
    That was my first word: "birdy". They say people whose first word is two syllables becomes a well-mannered, excellent adult.
  2. Year Two: a builder
    Bob the Builder had the power inspire us two-year-olds.
  3. Year Three-Year Seven: a New York Yankee.
    We can dream, can't we?
  4. Year Eight: N/A
    Something terrible happened. My eight-year-old dreams don't exist. It says "corrupted data" whenever I click on them.
  5. Year 9-15: on Wall Street
    Year 9 got me greedy and it stuck.
  6. Year 16: a Physicist
  7. Year 17: an engineer.
  8. Year 18: an engineer on Wall Street.
    A combination of year 9 and year 18, also current dream.
  9. And we're all caught up. I hope you all enjoyed reading my dreams that will never happen.